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CRM and Project Management

CRM & Project Management

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We Provide CRM & project Management Services

we are providing servies of crm and project management with unlimited features listed below

1 - Contacts/Leads

1st- Contact client and add them to Digital Rail Yard/Work Flow and Nimble (CRM)

2 - Create Invoice

2nd- we send them an invoice with invoicing system (duplex).

Second Option: We get their credit card number and log into duplex (invoice system) and charge them, the only person that can manually input credit cards is in-house team, but we still send an invoice) after charging them.

(Note: They have to pay us before we do anything for them.)

3 - List of Deals

3rd-Make sure you add all their the info in proper places.

Tab to keep the track of status of the order do all this at nimble CRM/pipeline

4 - Pipeline/Workflow

4- Different pipelines we have in nimble CRM, these are:

5 - Task (Activity)

5th - Then we create Task inside of nimble (CRM)

Note: What person,designer,agent is responsible for the task to get it done. (this person must follow the pipeline above)

6 - Calendar


View inside of nimble CRM about calender make sure we set and schduele all appoinments on this calendar

it is shared with





7 - List of Emails

1- Digital Rail Yard Emails

(support@websiterailyard.com, help@websiterailyard.com

sofia@websiterailyard.com, zoe@websiterailyard.com)

2- Music 2 DNA Emails

(support@music2dna.com, info@music2dna.com)

8th - Social Posting Tools)

We have these kind of social posting tool.

1- SocialQPlus

2- Ocoya

9th - Marketing Tools

We have these Marketing tool.

1- Rail Yard Email

2- ASTU dashboard

10 - Conference Calls

We have these Marketing tool.

1- D2M Network

11 - Promo Videos

Promo video creation and editing, we use this tool.

1- Flex Clip

12 - Live Streaming

For live streaming,events broadcasting on social sites and selling tickets to other people we use this.

1- Flutin Live

13 - Dropbox

For file storage we use dropbox.

1- dropbox


Different pipelines we have in nimble CRM, these are


1 - Facebook Ads

  • Logins for facebook account to do FB Ads under their business page.
  • Come up with content to advertise for FB Ads with client and team.
  • Tell client to add their credit card info on facebook(we will ask before charging).
  • Create flyer for FB ad that makes the exact requirements of Facebook - the dimensions.
  • Send to client for changes.
  • Do any changes they may have.
  • Once approved flyer run the fb ad.
  • Choose target audience like age,etc..
  • Decide where to run your ad
  • Choose a suitable budget
  • Before running ad show preview to client of budget, target audience and flyer
  • Once all approved then Run Ad
  • Monitor results from the FB ad until the campaign ends
  • Send report to Client and thank you note

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2 - M2DNA stream Plus Website

  • Bio of the artist if they don't have one we will help.
  • Musical sound ( who does the artist like).
  • Website of artist with.

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3 - Merchant Services for clients

  • Send the client the form to fill out, then we wait for their info.
  • Tell client we got their info our partners will call you to finish activation.
  • Then we text or email the client Steve's number-212.392.9209 so he can set them up.
  • Get a statement from them if they re processing if not mention that in the email.
  • Copy of voided check front only.

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4 - Opportunities

  • Lead.
  • Negotiation.
  • Then we text or email the client Steve's number-212.392.9209 so he can set them up.
  • Quote /Invoice/Proposal sent.
  • Sold/Collected Payment.
  • client moved to pipeline.

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5 - Press release writing and distribution

  • Tell me a bit about your family and music experience, (whos bio do u like).
  • social media accounts.
  • it will take 2- 3 days to complete.
  • email the artist for approval or chnages.

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7 - Questions without business cards and other printing items

  • How many biz cards do u need?.
  • is it in 300 dpi and pdf format?.
  • they say no thats okay we can recreate your design for free as long as u do printing with us.
  • dont know if its 300 dpi send it any way and our graphic team will check it out.
  • what is the size of the bizcard,postcard or etc...
  • any special things for your biz card, gloss, or etc.
  • what is your delivery address.
  • we will send your invoice to your email please check.
  • once they pay you will get the biz cards within 3-10 biz days.
  • Task and Work has begun-step.
  • Problems or concerns.
  • Client approved work.
  • Work was Delivered.
  • Thank you email/text/letter-sent-step.

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8 - Soundcloud promotion

  • sound cloud song link or album.
  • what style of music do u make(hiphop, pop).

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9 - Steps for Email campaign

  • does client have list or do we get one from our vendor?.
  • Come up with content for the email campaign blast.
  • Create Email template for the email campaign.
  • Get Email Template approved by client.
  • Once approved, start the email campaign.
  • Monitor the analytics of the email campaign that has been sent.
  • Send report to client.

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10 - Voip/Vici Dial System and Services

  • How many users do they need.
  • will they host on their own server or ours.
  • will they use our softphones or ours?
  • do they need a did number?.
  • if so provied the link https://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-softphone/download/current
  • if not get their info and logins.
  • if they say yes send invoice with details.

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11 - Website Workflow

  • Lead Website related prospective clients.
  • Preparation Collect data for website creation from client and other sources.
  • Creation Website creation starts Assign website to a designer
  • Audit Internal review of created website before sending to client
  • Feedback Send website to customer and gather feedback
  • Revision Refine website with customer feedback if any
  • Publish Client approved now publish website
  • after website approval by client Do we have to make other changes to the website
  • Done Website is 100% complete Send thank you text, email or post card
  • Redesign Does client want redesign (e.g after 3 or 6 months)

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12 - YouTube promotion

  • Your E-mail
  • YouTube Video link
  • What type of audience do you want?

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Social Media Content (For us and All Clients)

Following are our Social media contennt services

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